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Easy and Click-in Assembly

Made in the USA

Product Details

Width: 0
Height: 0
Depth: 12 inches
Weight Tolerance
50 lbs per space
3/4-inch thick plywood.
FSC-Certified Baltic Birch Plywood.

Product Features

  • “ I'd been searching everywhere for a custom shelf and couldn't find anyone who could offer what I was looking for until I found Woodlly. The shelf they made is precise to the inch, incredibly sturdy, and just what I'd been hoping for. “

    Mike M.

    New Jersey

  • “ Designing my custom shelf with Woodlly was straightforward. It's a solid piece and exactly what I needed for my space. Recommended! “

    Kevin S.


  • “ Really pleased with the shelf from Woodlly. The quality met my expectations, and it looks exactly as I designed. Helpful customer service too." “

    Katie W.

    Los Angeles

  • “ I saw Woodlly at my friend's house and had to have one. I wanted a green shelf which they don't offer. Their customer service was nice and helped me to place an order for a green shelf that I designed. They went above and beyond to make sure I got the shelf that I wanted. I love the look of this beast in my home. “

    Maggie M


  • “ I have been looking for a custom shelf for a while till I found Woodlly. I contacted them before placing my order. Their customer service was really helpful and responsive. I received my shelf in 4 weeks and love the quality and finished product. “

    Tom P.


  • “ I bought 3 shelves from them and I love how they are sitting in my house. The shelf is heavy and sturdy. The quality of the doors and drawers is high compared to other shelves that I've seen. I definitely recommend it! “

    Jane M.

    New York

  • “ Building my large, custom shelf from Woodlly was an undertaking but straightforward and rewarding. The quality and service have truly exceeded my expectations “

    Jamie Z.


  • “ My experience with Woodlly was top-notch, from the easy yet detailed design process to the excellent customer service. I was a bit skeptical at first and I only bought one shelf from them to check the quality. I definitely would buy 2 more shelves for my son's and daughter's room so they can design whatever shape they want. Great Purchase! “

    Sarah L.

    San Jose

  • “ Customizing my own shelf with Woodlly was a delight. I got Task Rabbit for assembly since my shelf was pretty big (70' x 70'). The customer service team was there to assist every step of the way from designing the shelf to assembly. Love it! “

    Christina M.

    Santa Monica

  • “ My experience with Woodlly was top-notch, from the easy yet detailed design process to the excellent customer service. The assembly was easy and the quality and fit of the shelf are impeccable. “

    Kate H.

    New York

  • “ Woodlly’s craftsmanship is unmatched—my bespoke shelf is both beautiful and sturdy. Though assembly took some time due to its size, it was well worth the effort. “

    Danny J.


  • “ My custom-designed shelf from Woodlly not only fits my space perfectly but also adds a touch of elegance to my home. The customer service team was incredibly responsive, making the whole process smooth. “

    Emma H.

    San Francisco

  • “ I recently purchased a custom-made shelf from Woodlly, tailored perfectly to my specifications down to the inch, complete with my desired doors and drawers. Its sturdy build and aesthetic appeal have made it a standout addition to my home. “

    Dave. S

    Los Angeles

    Why buying from Woodlly

  • Because we care about our customer and the quality of our product. We use the best plywood and laminate on the market that last for years.
  • We want to give you the best experience. We assemble every furniture in our warehouse to make sure every piece is sitting perfectly, before shipping it.
  • We hand sand every piece of your design with love. Detail matter to us and we want you to enjoy the smoothness of your furniture everyday at your home.
  • We say custom furniture and we mean it! We let YOU design your furniture because YOU know better what you want.
  • We are reducing waste by manufacturing one furniture at a time just for you. We don’t spend material and energy for showcase or inventory. It’s all just for your home.
  • Here you pay for the exact quality and value that you receive. In mass production manufacturing, you pay for unprofitable products, huge warehouse and showcaste cost on each purchase.
  • FAQ

    Follow these easy steps to create your perfect piece: - Choose Size and Color: Use the right panel to select your desired size and favorite color. - Add Doors and Drawers: Click on any segment to add doors or drawers to your design. - Adjust Height: Hover over the arrow on the left side to modify the height. - Check Segment Sizes: Click the left bottom button to view the dimensions of each segment. - Undo/Redo: Use the right bottom button to undo or redo any of your actions. Once you're happy with your design, you can save it for later or add it to your cart to purchase immediately. Enjoy designing your custom furniture, tailored just for you!

    You can design your shelf on a smartphone with our 3D Design App, which is optimized for convenience on devices of all sizes. For an enhanced experience, we recommend using larger screens like tablets or laptops.

    At Woodlly, we strive to make assembling your custom shelf straightforward. Our click-in system is designed for ease, allowing for quick setup. A small shelf can be put together in about 15 minutes. If your design includes additional doors or drawers, or if it's larger in size, the assembly will naturally take longer. To ensure your shelf stands strong and lasts long, the connections are made to be snug. Depending on your design, you might need to lightly tap them into place with a hammer. This tight fit is intentional, providing stability and durability to your shelf. When it comes time to disassemble, the process is just as straightforward. Follow the assembly steps in reverse, and you can take everything apart.

    Shipping typically takes up to 5 weeks. For larger orders needing extra time for completion and delivery, we'll notify you by email.