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Design Your Own Custom Furniture

Personalized furniture make your house perfect home, and express your personality.

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Break the limits and design a bookshelf that represents your home and deserves your books


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Detail Makes The
Design Elegant

  • Different colors for Different rooms

  • Unique designed handles

  • Handsanded sleek edge

  • Soft self-closing doors and drawers

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Unique Everything

You design your own unique and personalized furniture.

Easy and Click-in Assembly

You can easily assemble and disassemble your furniture.

3D Design App

With our 3D app you can create your dream furniture under a minute.

Get Inspired

Creat your own Woodlly that sits the best in your home. Or, get inspired here and create the entire scene in your room.

  • “ I love the shelf. The quality is great and it looks sturdy. However, I give them 5 stars, especially for the customer service. Responsive and helpful before and after I placed my order. “



  • “ I've got my shelf last week and I love it. They modified my shelf beyond their customizing tool. Responsive customer service and high quality product. “

    Chris R.


  • “ They took my design and made it a true vision far greater than my wildest imagination. They were promptly on shuttle with time-wise with their estimation. Thank you Woodlly. “

    Billy T.


  • “ I received my shelf last week. Sturdy and easy to assemble. The delivery time was a little long but it totally worth it. “

    Jake M.

    San Jose

  • “ A great solution for small apartments and people who move a lot. I already disassembled my shelf to move it to my new place. I took the pieces apart and didn't have to be worried about damaging them. It was so convenient and satisfying. “

    Sara K


  • “ Woodlly is exactly what I was looking for. A high quality, easy to order custom shelf for my vinyl records. Finally I could get rid of my Kallax shelves. I just received my first shelf and waiting for the second one. “

    Tony R.

    San Francisco

  • “ I love Woodlly. Other than a great custom shelf solution, their customer service is so helpful and responsive. Beside that, the assembly is super fast and easy. “

    Mike S.


  • “ I live in a small place and Woodlly is the one if you want a multi-purpose shelf. I designed a half chest of drawer, half bookshelf for my room and it looks way better than what I thought it would be. Easy assembly and high quality, specially the drawers. “

    Marco R.


  • “ The 3D configurator was so easy to use, but the assembly was even easier than that. I assembled mine under 15 minutes. It is super strong for my heavy books and it looks just perfect. “

    Celeste M.

    Long Beach

  • “ I ordered a yellow chest of drawer for my 5 years old daughter. She loves it. The drawers are working so soft and smooth and the structure is pretty solid and safe. The delivery time was a little long but it totally worth it. We love our yellow Woodlly! “

    Emily C.


  • “ I've been looking for a quality record player stand for months. I was so excited when I found Woodlly. I ordered one with storage space. Solid and high quality material. I'm so satisfied with my new shelf. “

    Julia H.

    San Francisco

  • “ I love my Woodlly shelf. It looks nice and pretty strong. I needed a custom shelf for my room for a long time but I was always too busy to find a good carpenter. This is the perfect platform to order custom-shelf easily. “

    Angela K.

    Los Angeles

  • “ Finally found the one! it's even better than what I imagined. Easy to order, fast assembly, great look. “

    Emma J.


  • “ The contrast of the edge makes it exceptionally beautiful. The shelf is pretty strong and the assembly was so fun. I'm super satisfied with my purchase. “

    Ryan L.


  • “ I've never thought buying a custom bookshelf would be so easy and fast. It is sturdy and strong. I totally would recommend it to my friends. “

    Kevin J.

    San Diego

  • “ We love our Woodlly media console! We've been looking for months to find the perfect one. It is everything we could have dream and hoped for it to be. Very happy with this purchase. “

    Katie Q.

    Bay Area

  • “ If I could give them 6 stars, I would. High quality, easy assembly, and great customer service “

    John S.

    Los Angeles

  • “ I thought the 3D design app was their super power until I received my storage unit. It looks so gorgeous that I actually want to be more organized. “

    Dave L.

    San Francisco

  • “ Super Sleek and Sturdy. Easy and fun Assembly, even for my teenage daughter “

    Maria S.

    Los Angeles